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  • Image of Pampering
  • Image of Pampering
  • Image of Pampering
  • Image of Pampering

3.90 troy oz.
Cast .925 Sterling Silver
2.75” x 2.25” x 1.5”
Unique, 1/1

"Pampering" is a traveling vanity table housing the makeup and products we use to conceal our true selves. Makeup isn't gender specific anymore, some men rely on it as much as women. It's interesting that for centuries we use it to cover our natural beauty to get closer to perceived natural beauty.

I use makeup daily as a mask to hide my severe dermatillomania, from which my skin has suffered greatly. Uncontrollable scratching of the scalp also unconcsiously happens for hours, only to find my fingertips covered in blood.

Comes with Sculpturing, Hand Blown Glass Cloche Dome, Black Engraved Base with Armature, Travel Pouch, and Signed, Numbered, Dated, Fingerprinted Documentation, and Original Framed Rendering/Sketch.

Created for the solo show "The Spinster & The Carpenter" at Twilight Gallery in Seattle.

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