On the Bridgism Movement:

Bridgism describes bridging craft and fine art- blurring the line so the line doesn't exist or matter, equalling the playing field, where both are recognized and revered. The applied arts in academic institutions, fine art galleries, and mainstream consciousness can be given their true place within an art history context.

Bridgism summarizes the current crossover in the worldwide art scene. Applied artists are getting their work shown in fine art shows and galleries, and established fine artists are dabbling in, and experimenting with the applied arts. As an example, check out Claire Oliver Gallery's "Beyond Bling: The Artist as Jeweler" show in NYC, November 2012. More galleries are following suit, opening their arms, doors, and collecting clientele to art jewelers.

The resurgence of artists today is reminiscent of the Victorian Arts and Crafts movement of the 1980’s, the Pasadena Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920’s, the German Bauhaus movement of the 1930’s, and even the American Arts and Crafts movement during the 1960’s. This sub-movement of the Third Wave movement has the ability to change the mainstream collective view so jewelry is accepted as a conduit of high fine art.

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Rogue Taxidermy, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, May 2014

Beyond Bling: The Artist As Jeweler, Nov 2012


The Artist as Jeweler,


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Artists Who Crossover as Art Jewelers



Damian Hirst

Alexander Calder

Jeff Koons

Mark Ryden

Gary Baseman

Audrewy Kawasaki

Anish Kapoor

Orly Genger

Nick Cave

Janae Corrado

Art Jewelers Who Exhibit with Fine Artists

Rebecca Rose

Art Fairs That Exhibit Art Jewelers

Scope Basel, Switzerland 2013

Scope Miami Beach, 2014 Mordekat

Pulse Miami Beach, 2014 Sienna Pattie Gallery

Design Miami Beach, 2014 Ornamentum, Didier ltd, Caroline Van Hoek, ,

Select Miami Beach, 2014 Rebecca Rose

Select Miami Beach, 2013 Rebecca Rose

Aqua Art Fair, 2014 Jenny Wu LACE

Red Dot Art Fair, 2014

International Contemporary Art Jewelry Fair, Miami Beach Basel, 2014

Additional Researchers on the Subject

Rebecca Rose

Damian Skinner

Kellie Riggs

You saw the internet flutter when Usher charged his phone inside a performance artist's lady parts at the SELECT Art Fair. Directly behind that gallery's booth was my booth, a duo exhibition between myself and Patricia Lois Nuss called "Somber & Ag".

You have to be five steps ahead of the art fair seasons if you want to participate as an exhibitor. And more importantly, you need the chops to setup alongside the big leagues.

So I interviewed Mardekait who exhibited at Scope Miami Beach and Lace who exhibited at Aqua Art Miami in December. Peek below to see how these young jewelers are helping break the ice for art fairs and carve a pathway for the rest of us aspiring to bridge into the fine art market and into the deep pockets of high rolling collectors. To round things out a bit, I also interviewed who showed with at Red Dot Art Fair, and I answered the same questions regarding my showing at Select Art Fair as well. (If you thought I was kidding when I said the time for bridging art jewelry into fine art is happening now, catch up to speed and get on the bandwagon!)

Art Fairs with art jewelry during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014:
Design/Miami - Ornamentum, Didier Ltd, &
Red Dot Fair -
Select Art Fair - Rebecca Rose Sculpturings
Aqua Art Fair - Jenny Wu's Lace 3d Printed Jewelry
Scope Art Fair - Mordekait Brass and Gold
Pulse Art Fair - Sienna Patti Contemporary

RR: What was the application process like? RR: How did you navigate around the imposed exhibitor restrictions regarding not showing as a self represented gallery? RR: Was it financially viable to participate? Was there enough interest from patrons to justify the price tag for exhibiting? RR: Did you move enough work? RR: What was the size you had to work with and what foot print was available for you to use? RR: What was installation like? RR: What was deinstallation like? RR: Would you do it again? RR: What was the audience like at the fair? RR: The first half of the week is devoted to blue chip art collecting, VIPs, previews, press, opening receptions, after parties, and schmoozing, Friday and saturday are tourists, locals, students, artists, and other gallerists that are exhibiting at other fairs that know they can leave their intern to man their booth and talk to the locals while they scout the other fairs. Sundays are for families, hangovers, and deinstallation.

2015    Partnering: Giant Robot x Rebecca Rose, Lego Rings, Giant Robot, USA

Not sure if Art Fairs are your thing? Apply these insights given by Mordekait, Lace, (Kelly) and myself towards other fairs and shows if you like before you pony up to the big leagues. But don't wait too long, because the big leagues are where it's at. Rebecca Rose is an award winning sculptor and art jeweler actively showing throughout the globe. She has won multiple scholarships and grants including the highly coveted Halstead Grant, one of the largest grants available to art jewelers in the US. Her body of work, Sculpturings, is a hybrid of small sculpture and wearable art cast in precious metals using the lost wax casting process. She has bronze pieces at The Andy Warhol Museum and has shown her sculptural rings during Beijing Design Week, Shanghai Design Week, and Art Basel Miami Beach. Her work has been featured on PBS "Artisodes" and is included in private collections of celebrities from television and film. Rebecca Rose is also a leading influencer in the art jewelry crossover movement Bridgism, having coined the term to describe patterns of art wearable art crossing over into realms of sculpture, creating a bridge between the two art forms.